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Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center

Six Rivers Mediation is a non-profit dispute resolution center and receives funding from local, state and federal organizations in order to provide low cost conflict resolution and education services.  Our mediators and facilitators are highly trained volunteers dedicated to helping people solve problems and resolve conflict.  We strive to create positive conversations and a safe environment for settling disputes, as well as education and training opportunities.


Thank you to all who supported our First Annual Peace of Cake Dinner, Dessert Auction & Friendraiser! It was a resounding success! Your support enables us to spread the magic of resolution to many more families in the year ahead. Itís amazing how far we have come from the inception of our program in 2002. And in our new home as an independent 501c3, your support is more important than ever. We are proud to share our ongoing achievements with you and look forward to showing you what a wonderful investment you've made in making the Gorge a more peaceful place to call home!

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Frustrated?  Stressed?  Need help identifying ways to move forward?  Explore our website to learn how we can help.

Mission Statement

By establishing a forum where each party is heard, we teach listening.

By creating an environment where each party can speak, we teach communication.

By developing processes that seek resolution, we teach the importance of dialogue.

By building these processes into a method of mediating disputes we teach citizenship.