About Us

Six Rivers Mediation is a non-profit dispute resolution center serving the Mid-Columbia region. We receive funding from local, state and federal organizations in order to provide low cost conflict resolution and education services. Our mediators and facilitators are highly trained community volunteers dedicated to helping people solve problems and resolve conflict. We strive to create positive conversations and a safe environment for settling disputes, as well as education and training opportunities.


Marti KantolaMarti Kantola Dane
Founder and Director


Marti has 18 years of strategic communications process design, negotiations, collaboration and dispute resolution experience. She brings creative problem solving orientation and results-oriented facilitation expertise. Words can create a thousand pictures, she ensures you are heard and the results you envision are the ones you will see. Marti holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech: Rhetoric and Communications. Ms. Kantola Dane was a professor of Communications and Co-Director of Forensics at the University of Alaska where she taught Communications, interpersonal and small group dynamics as well as argument and debate.


Andrea PachecoAndrea Pacheco PG/RG
Program Director and Restorative Discipline Specialist


Andrea is a seasoned mediator providing facilitative processes for community, family, school, and workplace settings in the Pacific Northwest. A restorative discipline specialist, Pacheco is advancing new ways of integrating Circle Process components into conventional facilitative work. Originally trained and licensed as a Geologist, Pacheco is Program Director for Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center. She is also Vice President of Resolution Washington overseeing 21 DRCs in Washington, is a certified mediator through Resolution Oregon, and has advanced training in Restorative Practices, Family Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Agricultural, and Tribal Engagement. Pacheco is a frontline resolution strategist developing innovations that apply Restorative Justice practices and inclusive policy in schools and community-based organizations. Her recent work adapts Circle Process principles to engage and cultivate productive conflict styles among diverse parties through restorative processes. She applies these innovations in coaching and training conflict resolution professionals and others within organizations.


Nicolia MehrlingNicolia Mehrling
Mediation Coordinator


Nicolia has been mediating for three years and facilitating for six years. She trained with SEEDS Community Solutions in California and AORTA (the Anti-Oppression Resources and Training Alliance). Nicolia brings a background in organizational development, agricultural science and practice, and local and state government to Six Rivers DRC. Outside of work, she is a certified yoga instructor, studies human development, cooks complicated recipes, and explores Oregon and beyond. Nicolia recently returned from a sabbatical in Europe.

Mission Statement

By establishing a forum where each party is heard, we teach listening.

By creating an environment where each party can speak, we teach communication.

By developing processes that seek resolution, we teach the importance of dialogue.

By building these processes into a method of mediating disputes we teach citizenship.