Customized Trainings

Six Rivers staff and volunteers bring years of experience in specialty fields to their mediation practice.  With an array of knowledge ranging from shared neutrals, public policy, international peace work, social services, collaborative process design, youth development, social security, disaster response, medicine and natural resource conservation, we bring a breadth of skills and expertise to our trainings. 
Six Rivers offers the following standardized trainings and we are always willing to work with you to develop a customized training to meet your situation and personalities.

Articulate Solutions [$595] [40 hours]
Articulate Solutions is designed to meet the standards for foundational mediation training set by both Oregon Statutes ORS Chapter 26 and Washington statures RCW 7.75.  This training covers conflict theory, process and skill development through a series of small class sessions, role plays and a diverse array of individual and group activities.

Negotiation Strategies [$1,200] [16 hours]
Designed with a no nonsense approach to getting what you want at the negotiation table.  Over 10 years of mediating cases have taught our mediators how to improve negotiation strategy to successfully and efficiently achieve results you need to increase your return on investment.  Fine tune your listening and analysis skills to decrease the time you spend negotiating.  Talk less, get more.

Art of Listening [$250] [8 hours]
Perfect combination of experiential session and applied theory.  Transform your approach to listening through this hands-on and creative session aimed at building understanding and skills in order to become a listener with your ears, eyes, heart, and undivided attention.

Uncovering the Source of Conflict: Strategizing to Find the Real Problem [$50} [2 hours]
This class offers a wonderful approach to frontline managers, supervisors, and customer service staff.  We will take you two steps beyond congeniality.  Learn what to say and how to say it when you encounter difficult people at work, home or in other tough situations presented in life.

Conflict is Opportunity

Conflicts are neither positive nor negative in themselves.  It is the way you deal with the situation and the other parties that determines the consequences. 

Conflicts don’t have to be destructive.  Instead you can view conflict as an opportunity to grow, learn and improve relationships.