Local and Regional Government Programs

Six Rivers provides community mediation and facilitation services to seven counties in the mid-Columbia region, spanning Oregon and Washington. With exception, the USDA Certified Agricultural Mediation Program serves the entire state of Oregon. Six Rivers contracts with cities and counties to provide mediation, facilitation, and training.

Six Rivers began as a grassroots concept in the small communities of Sherman County, Oregon. Mike McArthur, serving as Sherman County Judge and Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission member felt there was a need for a fundamental shift back to neighbors working together to solve problems. Now, with over 18 years of service to the Mid-Columbia communities, we can proudly say that our partnerships with local and regional governments have provided countless opportunities for positive resolution of complex conflicts for both community members and agencies alike.

Counties Served

• Hood River County
• Wasco County
• Gilliam County
• Sherman County
• Wheeler County
• Klickitat County
• Skamania County