Manufactured Community Resources

Manufactured Dwelling Communities offer unique benefits and sometimes complicated living challenges.  Six Rivers contracts with the Oregon Housing and Community Services – Manufactured Communities Resource Center (MCRC ORS 446.543) to provide mediation and training in conflict resolution for landlords and tenants in parks throughout Oregon’s Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler and Gilliam Counties.

Six Rivers is available to facilitate park meetings and skills training sessions. If there are important decisions that need to be made, but your park is having a hard time figuring out the right solution that fits everyone’s needs, give us a call and Six Rivers will work with your group to collaborate ideas, brainstorm solutions and make sure that everyone is heard.
Additionally, communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills training sessions are available to your park owners, managers, and residents. One hour to full day sessions will be catered to fit the needs of participants.

All services provided to Manufactured Community Parks are FREE OF CHARGE! Call us today to find out more about how our program can help your community.

Mediation Can Help With:

• Evictions
• Property disputes
• Neighbor disputes
• Environmental concerns
• Park rules and regulations
• Communication difficulties